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Whether you’re a professional trader, new to the trading or just looking to start a new career, our online trading courses prepare you for success. We offer online trading education with an extensive curriculum developed from our groundbreaking research and delivered by our industry’s leading experts. gives you the knowledge and practical skills to translate your passion for trading into a rewarding career.

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We deliver you the skills necessary to achieve consistent success and apply learned principles to all markets including the most popular Futures, Forex and Stock instruments. We strive to assist every student regardless of skill level in learning to minimize their risk and to adapt to rapidly changing market conditions. Our students benefit from a comprehensive education in all aspects of trading from fundamentals and technical analysis to risk management and trader psychology.


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How to master trading strategies while improving your trading with every trade!

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How to use our day trading techniques and quickly surpass even more experienced traders!

How to determine market trend and trade chart patterns!

How a “secret” change in your mindset can translate into a massive power for your trading!

How to find a trading opportunity and take immediate action!!


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How to relax, remove emotional scars and let your success work for you!

How to avoid “classic” trading mistakes and guarantee yourself repeatable accuracy and precise execution!!

How to build a successful trading plan that works best for you!

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    “Taking this trading course has completely transformed me as a trader. Learning these powerful but simple strategies on analyzing risk vs reward has produced my first winning month. I am up $2,800. Buying this course was the best trade I’ve ever made. Thank you Trading Lesson.”

    Glen M., IL


    “Just like many other traders, lost lots of money with other strategies and other trading courses. This course taught me about money management, being selective and trading with a plan. I feel more confident now.”

    Jerry, NY


    “Very practical and useful…I have learned a new approach on reading the market, especially to analyze probability like a true professional and only risk my capital when the odds are stacked in my favor. This course has made a huge difference in my trading performance. I strongly recommend this course to anyone! Thanks a lot!””

    Michelle C.

Learning with Professional Trading Examples


Trade the Plan

“Every battle is won before it is fought.” Sun Tzu

The importance of Planning, Strategy & Discipline
There are infinite amount of opportunities in the market. If you miss a trade, simply move on to the next one…

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Market Footprint

Market “Footprint”

Volume is a technical analysis technique of assessing the health of a trend, based on market activity. It represents the amount of buying and selling during a specific timeframe. Rising or falling volume is a key indicator of market direction.

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Market Profile

Market Profile®

Market Profile® the best trading tool to reveal pricing patterns from any market as they develop.

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Market Profile

Practical Trading Applications

This helps you understand the most powerful forces: supply & demand, risk & reward, fear & greed.

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Trading Charts Interpretation

Trade Chart Patterns

Trendlines, Channels, Double top, Double Bottom, Symmetrical Triangle, Ascending Triangle, Descending Triangle, etc.

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Risk Management

Never risk more than 1-2% of your equity on each individual trade…
Make sure you can trade the next session.

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Spread Trading

Spread trading is the simultaneous buying and selling of the same number of contracts in a certain commodity. The spread is the measurement of the price difference between the two different contracts

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Trading Analysis-Elevator Shaft

Elevator Shaft

An “elevator shaft” as seen on a bar chart in the NASDAQ. Notice how price quickly traded to the ground floor once.

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